SEO at work

Traffic increase %
Bot Clicks/Spam Blocked %
Traffic from Ads
Backlinks added

Traffic sources, Blocked Spammers, Backlinks added and Keywords Added. New content monthly with detailed data reports bi-weekly.

Search Engine optimization

Leave the digital marketing up to us and focus your time and energy on your businesses growth.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Organically being found on the first few pages in online search engines by consumers searching for a product or service your business provides.

Link building

Backlinks, Alt image tags, Meta tags build a strong online foundation. At Peak 9 Agency our SEO gurus know best strategies to grow your business online organically.  

Analytics data & reporting

Peak 9 Agency is all about the Data and crunching the numbers. We provide our clients 2 progress reports monthly. We do not just send a report that you do not know how to read, we go over your data with you.

Keyword Building/optimization

Bots crawl the web regularly so, staying on top of your website content, optimizing and indexing pages as well as building out Keywords are key to great SEO.


Our expert content writers with create blog post for your website and update content within website to help build keywords and optimization.

Increased website traffic

So why are you doing all this optimization, keyword building and indexing? To increase website traffic. More traffic, More Business.

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