Google Analytics 4 is Google’s next-generation measurement solution, it’s replacing Universal Analytics tracking for SEO and Organic Data. On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new Data. If you still rely on Universal Analytics Peak 9 agency can work with you to make sure you do not suffer from FOMO “Fear of Missing out”.

However, Doing so will allow you to build the necessary historical data & usage in the new experience, preparing you for continuity once Universal Analytics is no longer available. You will not lose all your data!


Although, as consumers we appreciate META looking out for our personal information and ability to track our every move. For business owners and corporations if not done correctly, can hinder a business from reaching its targeted audience. The changes are continuing to funnel in at the end of 2021 to beginning of 2022. The new iOS 14 update from Apple which announced product and policy changes that will impact data sharing across iOS.

Furthermore, The policy and the limits it places on advertising will harm the growth of businesses and the free internet. But there is a solution not exactly a full proof solution but it will still allow your business to track and target consumers who have not opted out on their iOS 14 or higher devices for ads/targeting. There is even a loophole that with a few updates to your META ads platform that will allow you to still target those even if they opted out. (are your eyebrows raised in intrigue yet?…) Reach out to Peak 9 agencies Marketing Guru’s to arrange your consultation about your SEO and Social media platforms to ensure you are making your marketing dollars work just as hard as you do!


  • Ability to target a defined segment
  • Tracking data that helps you understand your consumers and generate quality conversions.
  • Create Brand awareness and generate new clientele
  • Keep your website, social media and paid search marketing up to date Work with a Team of experts on your side cheering for your businesses success!

In a nutshell…

In conclusion, Digital advertising consists of multiple avenues to get your message across. Peak 9 Digital Agency is the leader in providing effective digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. We offer a multitude of options that will ensure you see the best ROI. Increase your business, Target your consumer, Stop wasting money on keywords and non targeted audiences. Increase your revenue with digital marketing through Peak 9 digital agency.

Peak 9 digital ad agency works with businesses small and large to elevate marketing to new heights. We would love to hear from you if you have questions about how to increase revenue using digital marketing. Our Digital Guru’s are available to chat 407.900.4919 or by email

Read more about the META change Here


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