Raise your hand if you have cut the cable cord ????. With so many options people do not need to stick to Cable or Satellite services in fact, more people are cutting the cable cord; which is changing the way large companies like Comcast and charter communications offer services.

There are now an estimated 63 million “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” in the US only reachable by Connected TV and digital channels.


With options like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Chromecast, Netflix, Plato TV(vizio), Roku, SlingTV and others; people have the option to pick and choose what they want, when they want and save money when they change services. Consumers are tired of seeing increasing bills while large companies do not offer incentives for long term customers. Retention seems to be non-existent which makes loyal consumers feel expendable. As a consumer who had cable for many years, I know I was tired of my bill increasing and never getting a break or even options if they wanted to retain my business. In today’s society we want convenience, variety, savings and do not want to pay for channels and services we do not use.

  • No contract-Sign me up!
  • Save over 30% a month- Sign me up!
  • Better selection of movies and on demand series-Yes, Please!


In a nutshell, it is a cost effective way to advertise to your targeted audience directly while they are streaming TV, apps on devices and through services such as HULU, SlingTV, Roku and more. Your ads will reach your targeted audience on the channels they watch like ESPN, CNN, HGTV, CBS and more for a fraction of the price and reach more people who are looking for your services.

  • Target physical addresses using GPS data to serve OTT/CTV ads.
  • Digital targeted advertising with the ability to target users based on keywords, context, and other online behaviors.
  • Numerous combinations of demographic variables to target your ideal audience.
  • Up To 96% View Rates Of Commercial On Connected TV Advertising Devices
  • Connected TV Watchers Tend To Be More Engaged W/ Content
  • Can Still Measure Foot Traffic To Your Retail/Brick & Mortar Location


  • Ability to target different screen sizes
  • Non-Skippable, immersive content that allows advertisers to engage with their unique audience
  • Reach the more individuals with a group of video consumers that you cannot reach with traditional TV commercials
  • Reach your audience on multiple platforms and screen sizes (Mobile phone apps, Ipad, Xbox gaming consoles etc).
  • Engaging and entertaining display ads that deliver your businesses message effectively and directly.


Digital advertising consists of multiple avenues to get your message across. Peak 9 Digital Agency is the leader in providing effective digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. We offer a multitude of options that will ensure you see the best ROI. Increase your business, Target your consumer, Stop wasting money on keywords and non targeted audiences. Increase your revenue with digital marketing through Peak 9 digital agency.

Peak 9 digital agency works with businesses small and large to elevate marketing to new heights. We would love to hear from you if you have questions about how to increase revenue using digital marketing. Our Digital Guru’s are available to chat 407.900.4919 or by email


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