Staying top of mind just got easier Peak 9 agency offers OTT/CTV/OOH & Amazon ads.

With over 600k apps to reach your audience on such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, SlingTV, Xbox LIVE your marketing doesn’t have to have 9-5 hours. Keep your brand top of mind by retargeting your targeted audience while they are streaming, checking Facebook, Gmail and more.

Reach your customer where they are watching

In app, OTT, CTV, Amazon OTT and display Ads

New cable cord cutters
Available apps
Increasedpage views
Purchase increase

*Amazon online video ads can reach audiences with both in-stream and out-stream video ads on Amazon affiliated sites such as and Twitch, and across the web on leading publishers’ sites through Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges. Campaigns that use both online video ads and display ads see an average 320% increase in detail page views and 150% increase in purchase rate as compared to display-only efforts-  Amazon internal, September 2020, WW

OTT/CTV Streaming ADs

OTT Platforms offer a more cost effective opportunity for advertisers to engage with customers in ways they may not have in the past.

Did you know an estimated 155 million US adults now accessing streaming video with services like YouTube TV, Hulu, CBS All Access, Sling, and devices such as  Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV?    OTT (over-the-top) advertising has emerged, allowing brands to reach their audiences directly within their living rooms and on their mobile smartphone devices at a fraction of the traditional TV commercial cost.

Amazon streaming Ads

Amazon OTT ads/commercials are online video ads  that reach audiences on Amazon-affiliated sites including Prime, IMDb and Twitch. They also appear across the web on leading publisher sites through Amazon Publisher Direct and third-party exchanges i.e apps & websites.

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