Using targeting that gets your message in front of your audience at all times. Geofencing comes in many forms and targets your audiences differently. however, one thing they all have in common is generating sales, increased traffic online and in storefronts as well as brand awareness.  The question is do you want to increase sales, revenue and generate a larger client base? We obviously already know this answer however; sometimes you have to ask it to understand where there is a need.


Obviously, we want to help your business or dealership be successful. ATD is just one of the ways we can Geofence (hence the 4 parts). This way is fantastic for targeting a specific type of client or audience. If you were an Auto dealership you would use this to drill down your audience to those who shop the most in your dealership. Example: if you are in a retirement town, you would target 55+ age range, lease option coming due, currently drives a vehicle manufacturer you sell ECT. This type of Geo fencing can get down to categories like has a pet, shops online, likes to hike/outdoor enthusiast, travels, drinks alcohol ect. We can target by age, demographic, religion, ethnicity, income the sky is the limit.


Peak 9 digital will have an in depth intake call to create a marketing plan for your campaign.  We will determine details and creative for the ads however, with advanced targeting display we will strategically place your advertisement in front of a targeted audience by using advanced behavioral and demographic targeting which, will increase click through rate, leading to more conversions and a lower cost per conversation than what you would find with a pay per click campaign.  Capturing your consumer’s attention while they are in research or buying mode will only increase your branding and awareness.  Peak 9 digital custom builds out the campaigns based on your audience, product or service, which gives you a competitive edge and exclusivity. 

*Don’t forget that once consumers leave your ad or website we will serve your ad retargeting the consumer for 1 week to 30 days while tracking the conversion process.


In a nutshell…

In conclusion, digital advertising consists of multiple avenues to get your message across. Peak 9 agency is always Striving to be ahead of the “Jones” so they can work on keeping up with us. Here are a few ways you can increase your business and revenue with digital marketing and Peak 9 digital ad agency.

Peak 9 agency works with businesses small and large to elevate marketing to new heights. We would love to hear from you if you have questions about how to get your business up to date and increase revenue using ATD and digital marketing.


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